2019 DATES: June 8th, July 13th, August 10th, August 17th, & August 24th (w/ awards to follow) 

ENTRIES -  Books open at 7:00 AM and close 8:30 AM the Day of the Rodeo for all events except bulls.   Bull Registration will be from 12:00 - 12:30 w/ draw after.  Refunds are not available after draw.  


1. Cash & Prizes may be withheld if proof of age cannot be verified with legal documents upon request.   

2. Event dues must be paid and a minor’s release signed and submitted by a parent or guardian before participating. Eighteen-year-olds and up may sign           their own release. No contestant may participate without a signed liability release.

3. A negative Coggins test document must be presented for each horse brought on grounds.  You will be asked to leave the grounds if you do not have               these documents for each horse transported.



1. Age groups are as follows: A) 8 through 11, B) 12 through 14, and C) 15 through 19.

2. Contestant age as of June 1st of the current year shall determine contestant’s age group; 7 year-olds may compete with permission from association. 

3. Youth must enter and compete in each event at least THREE (3) out of FIVE (5) rodeos to be eligible for any high point prizes at the end of the series.

4. No stallions allowed.

5. No alcoholic beverages allowed.

6. Late contestants will not be allowed to compete in an event if their age group has already completed that event.

7. Contestant must wear long sleeve or short sleeve collared button down shirt and boots. No polo shirts. Shirts must be tucked in. Hats are optional.

8. Points will be released on the last day of the rodeo, August 24th, at the banquet.  

9. Directors may add or amend any rule at any time.

10. Unsportsmanlike behavior will result in disqualification.  



1. Re-runs are not issued to contestant for contestant’s own equipment, horse, or riding failure.

2. An electric timer is preferable and will be used for all events.  

3. Points for ties in timed events are split.  Ex: In a tie for 1st place, 1st and 2nd points are averaged and split (10+9=19, 19/2=9.5) Each contestant will get       9.5 points.  

4.  Directors will receive and act upon protests arising out of any class or event. A protest must be filed in writing, accompanied by a $50.00 cash deposit,         during or immediately upon conclusion of the event contested. If the Board upholds the protest, the deposit shall be refunded to the protester. If the             protest is overruled, the deposit shall be forfeited. No protest will be heard unless these steps are followed.

5. Contestants may ride the same horse in all events.  We ask that contestants plan accordingly for transitioning events and equipment changes to avoid         delays.  

6. No restraint devices may be used to hold contestant on horse. Rubber bands on feet will be allowed.

7. Under Texas Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risk of        equine activities.  

8.  Aggressive or violent behavior and/or foul language may result in ejection from the grounds.  Courteous and polite behavior is expected from parents            and children.      




There will be a 2 minute time limit for the horse and rider to enter the area from time name is called. After 2 minutes it will be a NO TIME for that event.



1. The pole-bending pattern is to be run around six poles. Each pole is to be 21 feet apart, with the first pole 21 feet from the starting line.

2. A horse may start either to the right or to the left of the first pole and run the remainder of the pattern accordingly.

3. Failure to follow the pattern shall cause disqualification.

4. Knocking over a pole shall carry a 5 second penalty.

5. Touching a pole with hand or body of contestant is not a disqualification.



1. The cloverleaf pattern may be started from either the left or the right, and completed accordingly.

2. A 5 second penalty will be added for each fallen barrel knocked over by contestant.

3. Touching a barrel with the hand or body does not constitute disqualification.

4. The course must be measured exactly. The pattern should be adjusted to fit the arena. Mansfield park will have 90 ft. pattern.  


1. Barrels are to be set 21 feet from the starting line and 60 feet apart.

2. Contestant may start either to the left or right of the first barrel, and complete the pattern accordingly

3. A 5 second penalty will be added for each fallen barrel knocked over by contestant.



1. A leather throng, piggin' string, or rope may be used to tie any three legs.

2. Goat must be thrown by the contestant, and when tie is complete, contestant must stand 3 feet from the goat for the 6 second time clock.

3. If goat gets up before the 6 seconds, contestant will receive a no time.

4. Horse touching rope or goat before at any time will result in a 10 second penalty.

5. Goat will be staked in the arena on a rope approximately 10 feet long.

6. There will be a sixty (60) second time limit.

7. There will be a line drawn in the arena that the parent is required to stand behind. Parent crossing line before child touches goat will result in a ten (10) second penalty.




There will be a 2 minute time limit for the horse and rider to enter the area from time name is called. After 2 minutes it will be a NO TIME for that event.



1. All roping events will be timed.

2. All roping events will be conducted from a roping box.

3. One official will be designated as a barrier judge, and one official will be designated flagman. 4. A barrier is to be used at all times. Horse must clear box before calf is roped.

5. Breaking the barrier will result in a 10 second penalty.

6. All cattle must be roped before they exit the arena.

7. Only one contestant will be allowed in the arena at a time.

8. Intentional dragging of cattle in roping events will result in a 10 second penalty.

9. There will be a sixty (60) second time limit.

10. Contestants may rope or run multiple times in team roping and ribbon roping to compete in alternate position (header/heeler roper/runner) and awarded points only for their highest placing.  

11. In team events (Team Roping & Ribbon Roping) contestants can partner with boy or girl contestants inside or outside of their age group.

12. In all roping event the back gate will be closed.  



1. All contestants in this event must use a neck rope.

2. Catch as catch can. one (1) loop – cannot rebuild.

3. Calf must be daylighted. If calf is down when contestant reaches it, it must be up prior to flanking, legging, or mugging. If roper’s hand is on calf when           calf falls, calf is considered thrown by hand. 8-11 and 12-14 a five second penalty will be added if calf is not daylighted - attempt must be shown.  15-           19 will be no time if calf is not daylighted.   

4. Rope must be touching the calf when contestant puts hand on calf.

5. For a tie to be legal, the string must go around any three legs at least one time, and a “hooey.”

6. Calf must stay tied for 6 seconds after the roper re-mounts and puts slack in the rope.

7. Age groups 12-14 and 15-18 only the roper may touch the calf. Any assistance will be a disqualification.

8. Age 8-11 contestants must show 3 attempts to flank the calf.  After 3 attempts, a parent or designated flanker, starting from the roping box, can run to       the calf and flank for the contestant.  (*added 6/25/18).   


1. Contestants may carry one (1) loop – cannot rebuild.

2. Rope must be tied to the saddle horn with string. A clearly visible flag of any material must be attached to the rope at the saddle horn. Time starts at             the release of the barrier, and stops when the flagman signals that the rope has been broken away from the saddle as a result of a legal catch.

3. Catch as catch can. Loop must pass over calf’s head. A contestant may not break the rope away with his hand or any part of his body.

4. The flagman will rule whether the catch is legal and whether the rope breaks away as a result of a legal catch.



1. 3 loops per team.

2. Three legal catches – horns, head, and half-head.

3. 10 second penalty for broken barrier.  

4. 5 second penalty for one heel.

5. Contestants can run multiple times. The same team cannot enter again in the same positions. 

6.  Dally or tie on is accepted.   



1. Flag line will be set at the calf score line.

2. Horse must clear box before calf is roped.

3. Runners & Ropers can pair with a boy or girl from any age group. 

4. Catch as catch can.

5. Calf does not have to be on his feet and roper does not have to have his hands on calf when ribbon is pulled.

6. Roper must touch calf before ribbon is pulled.

7. If there is no ribbon on tail, runner may pull hair and present to judge. Runner may not pull hair if there is a ribbon on tail.

8. Runner must run back across calf score line and hand ribbon to flagman.

9. Runner must be entered in rodeo.

10. Contestants can run multiple times. The same team cannot enter again in the same positions. 



1. Two judges will score each ride 1-50 for the rider & 1-50 for the stock, then the judges scores will be averaged together and this will constitute the        rider's  score.

2. Judges decisions are final. Parents or other persons approaching, engaging, petitioning or protesting in any way which is distracting to the judges, arena directors, or BRC officials during the event for any reason will be subject to having their child disqualified. Any official protest may be made with the rodeo secretary along with a $50.00 deposit. The protest must be a rule violation. Judge’s decisions will not be protested.

3. The back judge will keep the official time. In case of a buzzer malfunction, the back judge will call the eight second mark to the rider. The Bull Riding Director will keep back up time.

4. In an event of a tie, the back judge’s score will be used as the tie breaker.

5. All riders and age groups will ride one handed.

6. Touching the bull or the body with the riders free hand will result in a no time.

7. All stock will be drawn at the close of books, it is the riders responsibility to make sure he/she is getting on the correct stock. Any rides made on an incorrect bull will result in a no time.

8. All animals will be flanked.

9. Steer riders must cover their animal for six (6) seconds to make a qualifying ride. Jr. and Sr. bull riders must cover their animal for eight (8) seconds.

10. Re-rides are at the discretion of the Bull Riding Director or the judges. Any rider that is fouled or knocked off at the chute, is interfered in anyway by the contractor/help, or animal falls, stops, or non-performance, will constitute a re-ride.

11. If rider feels like there is grounds for a re-ride, he/she must immediately after dismount ask the front judge for a re-ride.

12. Bull Riders must wear protective helmets and vests (mandatory) and bring their own equipment: bull rope and bell, bull spurs, mouth guard, glove etc.   

13.  Contestants can enter multiple times per stock availability. 


1. Accumulation of points will be on a 10 point system.  10 points for 1st, 9 points for 2nd etc.  If contestant doesn't place in spots 1-9, 1 point is earned for participating in each event. Example: Contestant participated but did not place 1st -9th in goat tying, they earned 1 point.

2. Contestants may receive points in every event entered. A contestant may not compete out of his or her age group.

3. There will be one boy and one girl that win the High Point Average award out of all age divisions.

4. Contestants must compete in 3 out of 5 rodeos & 3 events per rodeo to qualify for high point. 

5.  In team events (Team Roping & Ribbon Roping) contestants can partner with boy or girl contestants inside or outside of their age group. 

6.  Points earned in team events will be applied to respective individual's point total. Only one placing per rodeo per event; the individual's highest placing. 

7. Two Prizes will be awarded for high point champions.  One for high point boy and one for high point girl.  


Prizes for event champions, in each age division, will be awarded at the end of the series for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.  Champions for each age group, per event, will be determined by the highest accumulated total points across all five rodeos.  No minimum rodeos nor minimum events entered are required to earn event champion prizes.

1st: Hyo Silver Buckles

2nd: TBD

3rd: TBD


Speed and Roping Events will have 60% Payouts in each age division.  

Bull Riding Events will have 50% Payouts in each age division.

1-5 Riders = payouts for 1st place

6-10 Riders = payouts for 1st & 2nd place

11-30 Riders = payouts for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place

Payout Checks will be available at the end of the rodeo at the registration booth, will be mailed, or available at the next event.  

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